Finally a day for myself

Decided that I needed a day off from kids. So here I am sitting at the cafe having cheesecake and tea, enjoying myself and the view.



Give Thanks

These days my pace of life has slowed down relatively. Ever since the birth of my 3rd child I find myself appreciating more the people and things around. I realise my love has multiplied… to our new child, our existing 2 kids, my hubby and even rest of our family members who have been supporting us all these while. Really thankful that I am so blessed with all that I have and what God has given me.

Today I decided to stop looking at my mobile on my bus journey. I realised how easy we can get distracted with our virtual life when we r on our mobile. And not appreciate the things happening around us or the people around us. Felt refreshed just putting aside this distraction and start noticing things around me. I noticed how short my bus journey was… the warmth of the sun, dangling chandeliers at construction sites, changing landscape in spore.

Brought the children down to the playground this afternoon. It was enjoyable just watching them play and run with other children. The warm evening sun was a gentle reminder of the earlier humid day. Glad the kids had fun.



Sleepless Singapore

I simply can’t sleep well these days. Baby moves constantly inside my tummy and I feel his kicks and stretches especially more when I try to fall asleep. Maybe cos he wanted to walk and rock him around.

I think He totally enjoys it when we stroke him or touch him on my belly. Cos he responds every time we do that. Even now as I am writing, he’s squirming around inside!

2 more months to go! We are so looking forward to seeing you, Baby! And oh, mummy and daddy can’t decide which name is more suitable for u. We might wait till u are out before deciding.  🙂

See you again in 2 weeks time at the doc! Hope you’re growing well in there. Love u!


Tired of chasing numbers

I am getting increasingly tired from chasing the numbers for work every day. Everyday it is just about closing deals and moving ahead. Now with more people leaving, resources are scarce and limited. Load gets spread across rest of team members. How long can we last? How long can i last?

I always seem to get into roles in this nature – one that demands much attention and stress. I should start looking at roles that are less demanding. But then.. there is a need to keep up that paycheck due to our standard of living and household expenses.. or is there a need actually? Can we not look at adjusting our lifestyle to cope with our monthly income?

It’s always a question about earning and doing something you like. What is it that i want and like to do so that I can continue having that level of income yet like what I am doing? I find ways to keep myself positive, manage my workload, manage stress, manage family, manage kids. Why is it so difficult to upkeep that positivism when things gets you down? Will I be happy if I change job (again)? Will I be happier working for someone or being my own boss? Or will I be happier working a less demanding job on a part time basis and focus rest of my time on the children? My preferred choice would be the last option. But that is dependent on whether both of us are agreeable to make the sacrifice and choosing this option.

Right now, I am just trying to survive working through this pregnancy, enjoy my 4 months maternity of leave and then plan about the future after that. We’ll see what God’s plans have for me by then.

Meanwhile, God, I pray, that you grant me the wisdom and perseverance during this time. Help me to keep myself strong in mind and positive in spirit. Keep all negative thoughts away and grant me the serenity to accept the things I can’t change. Amen.